2020 PEN/Heim Translation Fund Winners

This year’s PEN/Heim Translation Fund grant recipients were chosen from among a record-size pool of 272 applicants. These grants, made possible by a donation by legendary translator and translation advocate Michael Henry Heim, support translations-in-progress, often work by first-time or otherwise emerging translators and often lead to projects finding publishers. This year’s advisory board, including Alta Price, Elisabeth Jaquette, Jenny Wang Medina, Jeremy Tiang, Katie Dublinski, Lara Vergnaud, Natasha Wimmer, Peter Constantine, Tess Lewis, and Chair Samantha Schnee, selected 11 projects translated from ussian, Italian, Korean, French, Portuguese, Galician, Vietnamese, Bengali, and Spanish. Ten of this year’s grants are worth $3,481 each, while one, to the winner of the PEN Grant for the English Translation of Italian Literature (always given out at the same time), amounts to $5000. More than half of this year’s supported projects are for books by women authors, which I’m delighted to see.

Here’s the list:

Curtis Bauer’s translation from the Spanish of Home Reading Serviceby Fabio Morábito

Fiona Bell’s translation from the Russian of Storiesby Natalia Meshchaninova

Kevin Gerry Dunn’s translation from the Spanish of Easy Readingby Cristina García Morales

Dawn Fulton’s translation from the French of Cajouby Michèle Lacrosil

Anton Hur’s translation from the Korean of Cursed Bunnyby Bora Chung

Yarri Kamara’s translation from the French of So Distant From My Lifeby Monique Ilboudo

Johnny Lorenz’s translation from the Portuguese of Notebook of Returnby Edimilson de Almeida Pereira

Shabnam Nadiya’s translation from the Bengali of The Meat Market and Other Storiesby Mashiul Alam

Quyen Nguyen-Hoang’s translation from the Vietnamese of Chronicles of a Villageby Hien Thanh Nguyen

Jacob Rogers’ translation from the Galician of Extraordinaryby Antón Lopo

Minna Zallman Proctor’s translation from the Italian of The Renegade: Natalia Ginzburg, Her Life and Writingby Sandra Petrignani (PEN Grant for the English Translation of Italian Literature)

Congratulations to all this year’s grant winners! More information about the grants and the projects can be found on the PEN website.

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