2016 Gulf Coast Translation Prize Winner Announced

Somehow I always get press releases asking me to publicize the deadline for the Gulf Coast Translation Prize competition and no one ever tells me when the winners have been selected, but I heard by chance last night that the 2016 prize had recently been awarded, and look, the announcement is up on the Gulf Coast website, so I guess it’s official: congratulations to Carina del Valle Schorske, who was selected for the prize by judge Idra Novey for her translation of poetry by Marigloria Palma. Honorable mentions to Ondrej Pazdirek and Tim DeMay. The annual Gulf Coast Translation Prize comes with a $1000 purse for the winner and $25 for honorable mentions, who will be published in the print journal and online respectively. Congratulations to the 2016 honorees!

Postscript 2017: You can now read Carina del Valle Schorske’s translations of Marigloria Palmas poems on the magazine’s website.

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