Study with Edith Grossman in NYC!

As readers of this blog no doubt already know, Edith Grossman is one of the most respected translators around, and with good reason. Her new Don Quixote is a thing of beauty, she’s won more prizes than most of us have fingers and toes, and she translates a huge and important assortment of Spanish and Latin American authors including Gabriel García Márquez, Julián Ríos, and Mario Vargas Llosa. Her book Why Translation Matters, based on a series of lectures she gave at Yale, created quite a stir when it came out in 2010. Edie is erudite, irreverent, and hilariously funny. We should all be so lucky as to study with her. And the good news is that some of us can: Starting on Feb. 16, she will be offering an 8-session class entitled “Reading Translations” at the 92nd St. Y. Details of the class – including registration information – are available online. If you’re interested, I wouldn’t wait too long to sign up – I assume the class will fill up soon.

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  1. I actually bought her book, “Why Translation Matters,” after hearing she would teach a class at 92Y. It’s a PHENOMENAL book! Really, once you start reading it, you don’t want to put it down! It’s empowering, as a translator to hear her words.

    I’m planning to hold a workshop featuring her work for my Meetup group, The Translation Study Group, in order to make more people aware of the great contribution she has made to the translation industry. (Ms. Bernofsky, you are, of course, invited! We’re in midtown Manhattan.)

    I hope many people sign up for her class; I’m certain it will be enlightening and transformative!

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