Banff International Literary Translation Centre Now Accepting Applications

Having spent three weeks on the faculty of the Banff International Literary Translation Centre in June 2009, I can report that Banff is one of the most beautiful spots on earth. Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, surrounded by dazzling snow-capped peaks, mountain meadows, eerily blue lakes, glaciers and strange totem-pole-shaped rock formations called hoodoos, it offers spectacular hiking possibilities. And the Banff Centre, situated on a hillside just above town, is an ideal place to spend a residency working on one’s music, dance, painting or writing. As of 2003, the Centre has welcomed literary translators as well.
Every June, the Banff International Literary Translation Center invites 15 translators to participate in a three-week residency program that gives them time to work on their projects-in-progress while also participating in regular seminar meetings with the other residents to discuss their work. Several experienced translators serve as “advisors” each year and are available to read and critique work or consult in other ways, as are the program’s co-directors, Katherine Silver and Hugh Hazelton. In some cases the Centre is even able to invite some of the authors being translated by current participants to come spend a week at the Centre and meet with their translators. In 2011, star poet and translator Anne Carson will be in residence for the final week of the program. Financial aid to cover the entire cost of the program is available for all accepted participants. Detailed program and application information is available on the Banff Centre website. The deadline for the June 2011 session is Feb. 15, 2011.

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  1. Hi Susan, Check out Erika Dreifus’s Practicing Writer blog, and you will see that you and this blog are mentioned on Wednesday’s post.

  2. Love the photo of Sunshine Meadows!

  3. That photograph was taken by Louise Chabalier, who was one of the translators in the program the year I was there.

  4. I grew up in Calgary, so know those mountains well.

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