TA First Translation Prize Announced

This is the very first year of the brand new TA First Translation Prize, so I’m giving it its own special blog post even though it was announced together with the other 2018 translation prizes awarded by the Translators Association last night. This £2,000 prize honors both the first-time translator of a book-length literary work published in the UK and the book’s editor, recognizing the hard work editors do and the decisive contributions they make to the quality and success of a literary work, particularly when collaborating with a first-time translator. The TA First Translation Prize was launched and funded by Daniel Hahn with support from the British Council; he sat on this year’s jury together with Rosalind Harvey and Bill Swainson. The first shortlist was published in January, and now the first winners has been announced: translator Bela Shayevich and her editor Jacques Testard of Fitzcarraldo Editions for Second-Hand Time by 2017 Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich, a 700-page tome filled with many different voices that presented significant challenges for both translator and editor. For more information about the prize and the winning translation, see the Society of Authors website. Big congratulations to Shayevich and Testard! May this prizewinning book be one of many. (And may Shayevich get her name on the cover next time.)

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