Translationista Turns One (Month)

One month ago today I decided to start blogging about literary translation and in the process have discovered how much I love writing about it. I can’t stop. And I’m grateful that readers have been tuning in: the blog has had over 2100 visits thus far. So until further notice, I plan to keep chattering away about translation problems, translation triumphs, translation prizes and more. Right now I have a backlog of topics I want to write about, so please do keep checking back for updates. Some technical updates are in the works as well. My wonderful web guru Timothy Schneider, who recently rewired all the coding on my professional website, is working on creating a better archive for Translationista so that it won’t be so difficult to locate older posts, and we’re also thinking of relocating the blog to – I’ll keep you posted. Also, since it’s been brought to my attention that people have been tweeting some of my blog entries (thank you!), I’ve decided to celebrate this blog-birthday by inaugurating the Twitter handle “uebersetzbar,” which I will use to slingshot blog posts into the ether. Übersetzbar (ü is a German spelling convention for “ue”) means “translatable,” and I’ve picked it as my handle as an affirmation of my belief that there are no works of literature that are not translatable; there are only works whose translator has not yet been born. Oh, and if you’re wondering why the word übersetzbar shares an ending with wunderbar, which everyone knows translates as “wonderful,” it’s because wunderbar actually means not “full of wonder” but “wonderable,” i.e. such that one might well marvel at it. There is so much about translation that is wonderable, and I hope you will find it übersetzbar as well in this little blog. I thank you for reading me.

(And a big thank-you to Polly Jones for the use of her cupcake painting.)

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