Goodmorning Menagerie Translation Chapbook Contest

MenagerieWho likes a challenge? Who’s translating a chapbook? For a modest submission fee ($5), you can enter your 10-20 page translated chapbook in Goodmorning Menagerie’s inaugural Chapbook-in-Translation Contest. If you win the gold, your work will appear in a limited-edition handmade chapbook with a woodblock-printed cover that will come out in time for AWP 2015. Any questions? Check out submission details on the GM website. If you’re interested, you’d better act fast – the deadline for submissions is Halloween, Oct. 31, 2014.

Translationista notes that the Menagerie guidelines request that the translator submit a “copyright page stating that you have the author’s (or their estate’s) permission to translate and publish this work.” FYI, legal permission to publish copyrighted work in translation can only ever be granted to a publisher (book or magazine publisher), not to a person (translator) – that’s how the law works. So I recommend that you, the translator, contact the holder of the rights (check the copyright notice in the original book or journal – the poet often holds the copyright but not always) to confirm that the rights are available, and communicate this information to the Goodmorning folks. Then when you win the competition you can assist them in negotiating with the rights holder to secure the final permission to print the work.

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