The Austrian Cultural Forum Translation Prize Is Back

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 1.15.59 PMAfter a several-year hiatus, the Translation Prize sponsored by the Austrian Cultural Forum is back this year (are you surprised?), offering support for an outstanding translation of a work of post-1945 Austrian literature. Both poetry and prose submissions will be accepted, as will works by Austrian writers translated from German or from any of the country’s officially recognized minority languages: Burgenland Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Romani, Slovak and Slovenian. The prize comes with a purse of $5000.

I’m pleased to see that the ACF has changed the terms of the award since its earlier iteration. It used to be that prize money would be withheld until the winning translator had successfully placed the work with a publishing house. This theoretically meant that a less-established translator might win the award but then be unable to fulfill the conditions to receive the prize money, even after completing the translation. Now the ACF asks only that the winner “demonstrate a credible effort towards a successful publication of their complete work in English” and submit a complete manuscript.

Applications (submit by email) are due September 1, 2014, consist of a 10 page/4000 word sample, along with a cover letter, bio note and list of previous publications.

For more information, see the Austrian Cultural Forum website.

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