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The online literary journal Asymptote, which started up in 2010 and specializes in works in translation, is devoted to exploring “encounters between languages and the consequences of these encounters” (I quote the journal’s website).  And in fact Asymptote has been publishing an impressive range of literary works in all genres and criticisms – definitely worth checking out. I was proud to publish a Robert Walser story in their pages last year. And now they’re inviting submissions for the upcoming issue: essays of up to 5,000 words by translators “about their fraught/felicitous working relationships with the authors they translate.” Do you have stories you are willing or possibly even eager to share? For more details and instructions on submitting, visit the Asymptote website. The Dec. 15 deadline is coming right up.

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  1. Alex Z. says:

    This is one I wish I’d known about further in advance. Oh well. Maybe next life.

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