Now with Moderated Comments

Dear Translationista readers,

I’m really sorry, but I’m going to have to start moderating all comments for this blog, because the spammers’ webcrawling robots have learned how to outsmart Blogger’s captcha and have started inundating the blog with dozens of spammy comments every day. I’m tired of wasting time searching out and deleting them. And alas, the only way to keep these infinitely optimistic petitioners from constantly annoying all of us with all their great offers on waterproof mattress covers and the like is to moderate everyone, including you.  I hope you’ll keep posting comments all the same, and promise to check and approve them regularly and with dispatch.

With warm regards,


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  1. Sorry to hear that you suffer from the spammers as well, Susan. I think I have about a 20:1 ratio of trash to real comments no matter what measures I take. There are enough losers out there getting cheap, live labor to fake comments for backlinks as well. There are better ways to spend a day than dealing with that 🙁

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