2015 ALTA Mentorships Announced

ALTA_2015_Program_cvr-50This year ALTA (the American Literary Translators Association) is starting a new mentorship program designed to pair emerging translators with seasoned pros for a year of expert guidance. The first year of the program is modest by design: three mentorships are being offered in three languages. Assuming all goes well during this pilot year, the idea is to expand the program in future years. The single largest challenge involved in this expansion is finding additional donors able to support new mentorships, either in a particular language area or “at large.” (If you have ideas for funding sources or would like more information on funding a mentorship yourself, please get in touch!) The costs of the program include an honorarium for mentors and travel expenses for participants to attend the yearly conference, where mentors can work with their mentees in person; for most of the year, the advising sessions take place by telephone, email, and video chat. This program is an important addition to ALTA’s support of emerging translators, and I am thrilled to see it taking shape. Special kudos to the civic-minded translators behind ELTNA (the Emerging Literary Translators Network in America), who were instrumental in the development of this new program.

And now (drumroll) here are the three emerging translators selected from a group of more than 60 applicants to participate in ALTA’s first-ever mentorship program:

Scott Shanahan (Catalan) – who will work with Ronald Puppo

Anna Zaranko (Polish) – who will work with Bill Johnston

Joyce Zonana (French) – who will work with Alyson Waters

Wishing all mentors and mentees a productive and energizing collaboration!

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