2018 Gutekunst Prize Announced

The Gutekunst Prize of the Friends of Goethe New York is a special prize, inviting emerging translators from German to submit competing translations of the same text to be compared with one another by the prize jury. It’s an interesting process that highlights the effects even the smallest aesthetic decisions can have on the successfulness of a translation. The prize comes with a $2500 purse and is a great way for an emerging translator to throw their hat in the professional ring, as it were, demonstrating in advance to potential employers that they have what it takes to produce a translation of high literary merit. This year’s text to be translated was the story “Selbstbildnis mit Geschirrtuch” (Self-portrait with Dishtowel) from Terézia Mora’s collection Die Liebe unter Aliens (Love Among Aliens), and the winning translator selected this year by the jury (comprised of Tess Lewis, Jeremy Davies, and Alta Price) is Nick Andrews. You can read his prize-winning translation as well as more information about the prize itself on the website of Goethe-Institut New York. Congratulations, Nick Andrews!

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