NEA Announces 2015 Translation Fellowships

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.12.34 PMTwo years ago I reported that the budget for the NEA’s Translation Fellowships appeared to have been alarmingly slashed to $200,000 (down from $300,000 in 2010). Well, things are looking up again: the NEA awarded translation fellowships totaling $250,000 in 2014, and the 2015 cohort of fellows that has just been announced will receive $300,000 worth of support. As in 2014, the 2015 group includes four projects funded at the top level of $25,000, while the remainder of the grants are for $12,500 each. A total of 16 fellowships were awarded in 2014, and the 2015 group includes 20 fellows. I like this trend.

Here are the translators receiving NEA translation fellowships for 2015. I’ve bolded the names of the translators receiving funding at the $25,000 level.

• Rosa Alcalá, El Paso, TX
• Douglas Basford, Buffalo, NY
• Wendy Call, Seattle, WA
• Enriqueta Carrington, Highland Park, NJ
• Alexander Cigale, New York, NY
• Jennifer Croft, Tiffin, IA
• Bruce Fulton (in collaboration with Ju‐Chan Fulton), Seattle, WA
• Katherine M. Hedeen, Mount Vernon, OH
• Cynthia Hogue, Phoenix, AZ
Jawid Mojaddedi, Hoboken, NJ
Philip Pardi, Phoenicia, NY
• Sarah Ponichtera, Brooklyn, NY
Jacquelyn Pope, Oak Park, IL
• Barbara Romaine, Paoli, PA
• Adam P. Siegel, Davis, CA
• Yvette Siegert, New York, NY
• Steven J. Stewart, Rexburg, ID
• Niloufar Talebi, San Francisco, CA
Jeffrey Yang, Beacon, NY
• Andrew Zawacki, Athens, GA

Details on all the projects and bio notes for the translators can be found here on the NEA website.

Kudos to the NEA for continuing to provide substantive support to literary translators, and congratulations to all this year’s fellowship recipients!

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