2014 Gutekunst Prize to Elisabeth Lauffer

12844979-STANDARDThe Gutekunst Prize has been around for four years now, and it’s quite a competition for younger (35 and under) translators from the German. A single German text is chosen, and all the applicants must translate the same sample from it, putting the judges in the unusual position of comparing apples and apples. This year there were twenty submissions, from Veit Heinichen’s novel, Gib jedem seinen eigenen Tod (To each his own death), and this year’s jury consisted of Shelley Frisch, Tess Lewis and Peter Blackstock. The Goethe Institut has just announced that the jury selected Elisabeth Lauffer for the 2014 prize. The prize ceremony, to be held at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, June 9 and open to the public, will feature Ross Ufberg, co-founder of New Vessel Press, speaking about his new initiative for translators, Litfinder.org.

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