2017 ALTA Mentorships Announced

The Emerging Translator Mentorship Program of the American Literary Translators Association is now entering its third year, and the 2017 cohort of translators selected to be mentored through the program – now expanded to include eight mentorships – has just been announced. Here they are:

  • Madeleine Campbell (Non-Language-Specific Poetry)
  • Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello (Korean Poetry)
  • Reilly Costigan-Humes (Russian Prose)
  • Marlena Gittleman (Catalan)
  • E. J. Koh (Korean Poetry)
  • Joungmin Lee Comfort (Korean Prose)
  • Zoë McLaughlin (Non-Language-Specific Prose)
  • Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler (Russian Prose)

Mentors for the 2017-18 ALTA Mentorship are Mara Faye Lethem (Catalan), Sora Kim-Russell (Korean prose), Don Mee Choi (Korean poetry), Marian Schwartz (Russian prose), Bill Johnston (Non-Language-Specific Prose), and Steven Bradbury (Non-Language-Specific Poetry).

The translators selected for the program will present their work at a special lunchtime reading during the ALTA Conference in October. Have you registered yet?

For more information on the mentors, mentees, and sponsors for this program, visit the ALTA blog.

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