2018 ALTA Fellows Announced

For an emerging translator, winning one of the prestigious ALTA Travel Fellowships from the American Literary Translators Association is an excellent way to enter onto the translation scene. At the yearly ALTA Conference, Fellows present their work at a reading that’s become one of the most beloved parts of the conference. Each year there are 5 or 6 fellowships awarded, including the Peter K. Jansen Memorial Travel Fellowship, which is reserved for a translator of color and/or a translator working from a diaspora or stateless language. This year’s conference is coming right up (in Bloomington, IN, Oct. 31 – Nov. 3), and I can’t wait to meet this new crop of fellows and hear their work. Here they are:

Elina Alter, 2018 ALTA Travel Fellow (Russian and German)
Lizzie Buehler, 2018 ALTA Travel Fellow (Korean)
Mariam Rahmani, 2018 Peter K. Jansen Memorial Travel
Fellow (Persian)
Aaron Robertson, 2018 ALTA Travel Fellow (Italian)
Brian Sneeden, 2018 ALTA Travel Fellow (Greek)
Maggie Zebracka, 2018 ALTA Travel Fellow (Polish)

You’ll find a full profile of each of these translators on the ALTA blog. Remember these names – you’ll probably be hearing more from them!

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