The Emerging Literary Translators Network in America

Being a literary translator is no walk in the park, and starting out as one is even tougher. That’s why it’s good for beginning and early-career translators to band together to network, share information, and help each other learn, improve and prosper. There’s been an excellent Emerging Translators Network in the U.K. for some time now, and now a U.S.-based one is starting up: the Emerging Literary Translators Network in America. ELTNA is now inviting translators early in their careers to visit its website and sign up for access to its online forum “where members can ask questions, seek advice, and share news, events, resources, and contacts with each other, with the aim of spreading knowledge and furthering our careers.” Students studying literary translation and translators in other fields looking to cross over to literary translation are also welcome. I asked Allison Charette, who’s been working on getting the network up and running since last October’s ALTA Conference, what made her want to start ELTNA. She said:

Translating can be a lonely profession, especially if you’re just starting out. We decided to create a space where people can chat about translating literature, share stories, ask questions, and learn from each other. ELTNA currently has an online forum for its members, and we’ll be hosting some virtual events and helping to create a mentoring program very soon. Everyone who has an interest in translating literature is welcome to join us!

ELTNA has been growing rapidly and will be adding more and more functionality with the support of ALTA. If you’re just breaking into this business, I strongly encourage you to sign up; and if you’re a professor in a translation program, why not share this information with your students? See the ELTNA website for more details and contact information.

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