Submit Now: Warwick Prize for Women in Translation

If you follow this blog, you know all about the Warwick Prize for Women in Translation, because I spent a long time hoping something like it would be established, then was really excited when its founding was announced, then even more excited when the first year’s prize went to my translation of Yoko Tawada’s novel Memoirs of a Polar Bear. Now it’s time to submit (or have your publisher submit) your translations for the second year of the prize. Only books published in the UK or Ireland between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018 qualify (it’s all right if the translation was previously published elsewhere), and obviously the author must be a woman. Works in multiple genres may be submitted for consideration. The deadline for submissions is June 26, 2018. For more details and instructions, please visit the Warwick Prize for Women in Translation website.

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