Oh, Banff!

It’s Banff time again. If you’re a literary translator and haven’t been yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. It’s one of the most beautiful spots I’ve ever seen, and the workshops run there every summer are truly wonderful and inspiring. Sometimes they’ll even convince your author to meet you there. Last year Margaret Atwood showed up. There are guest faculty members too, who’ll read your work and critique it for you as well as participate in regular group workshops. This year’s guests are Lazer Lederhendler, Pedro Serrano and Bill Johnston. And did I mention the prettiest hikes imaginable? I’ve blogged about the translation life in Banff before, so you can read up on the place here. Hugh Hazelton and Katherine Silver are the directors, stipends are available, and this year’s application deadline is Feb. 15. Everything you need to know about applying for the program can be found right here.

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  1. Will you be there this summer? We spend a few weeks in Calgary & Canmore each year; it would be nice to catch up.

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