Apply Now for 2017 Gutekunst Prize

The competition is now open for the 2017 Gutekunst Prize, a contest for “young” (defined as under 35 and unpublished-in-book-form) translators that invites them to prove their mettle by all translating the same sample text. The Goethe-Institut administers this prize, which comes with a $2500 purse and some nice professional recognition for the winning translator. The submission deadline for this year is March 17, 2017. That date may seem far away to you now, but the sample isn’t that short (18 pages), and if you don’t leave yourself ample time to revise your work, your chances of producing a translation that’s a contender will be dramatically reduced, and what’s the point of applying if you’re not going for the gold? To start the application process and receive a copy of this year’s text, write to Walter Schlect at the Goethe-Institut. You’ll find all the rules and info here. May the translation gods smile upon you!

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