PEN Translation Fund Deadline Feb. 1

Translationista has been remiss this year: I should have reminded you earlier of the upcoming deadline to apply for a PEN Translation Fund grant. The deadline is Feb. 1, so if this is announcement comes as news to you, it’s probably too late to start putting an application together unless you already have a translation project underway; the competition for these grants is too stiff for hastily thrown-together applications to have much of a chance. In any case, the most important part of the application package is definitely the translation sample itself – a well-selected, beautifully translated sample is what makes you a contender. For application instructions see the PEN website. And if you do have something in progress, by all means think about applying, particularly if you are not already widely published as a translator; the jury in recent years has tended to favor projects by translators who are not yet well-established in the field.

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