BTBA Nominated for New LBF Prize

This title is a sort of quiz – did you know the acronyms stand for Best Translated Book Award and London Book Fair? Well, the LBF – an excellent party, I went last year – has just launched a new set of what they’re calling International Book Industry Excellence Awards, and I’m so pleased that the BTBA has been nominated for one of them: the International Literary Translation Initiative Award. The other two nominees for this prize are Penguin India and Shanghai 99. And of course I’m rooting for the BTBA because it has been so effective at creating a buzz around translated books with its endless long- and shortlists, its endless social media blasts and readings and parties and awards ceremonies and displays in bookstores. It has definitely succeeded in getting a ton of attention for translated literature in the United States, a country notorious for its monolithically monolingual tastes. So go, BTBA! Knock out the competition! Bring home the gold! Meanwhile, why not hop over to the Three Percent blog to see how BTBA founder Chad Post feels about being nominated. And then visit the London Book Fair’s website for the full roster of new awards being introduced this year. Winners in all categories will be announced on April 8. Watch this space.

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