2016 Close Approximations Winners Announced

fb7c90cc1af368152720fc8890c264e7For the second year, Asymptote Journal has hosted a set of translation awards (with $1000 prizes) in three different categories, and the winners (and runners-up) have just been announced:

POETRY WINNER: Marie Silkeberg and co-translator Kelsi Vanada for their translation of Silkeberg’s “The Cities” from the Swedish
POETRY RUNNER-UP: Sophie Seita for her translation of Uljana Wolf’s “Subsisters” from the German

FICTION WINNER: Ruth Diver for her translation of Sophie Pujas’s Street Rounds in Paris from the French
FICTION RUNNER-UP: Jason Woodruff for his translation of Kim Kyung-uk’s “Spray” from the Korean

NONFICTION WINNER: Sean Gasper Bye for his translation of Filip Springer’s Miedzianka: The History of a Disappearance from the Polish
NONFICTION RUNNER-UP: Ona Bantjes-Ràfols for her translation of Albert Casals’s The World on Wheels from the Catalan

For more information about the prize and books and statements by the judges (Margaret Jull Costa, Ottilie Mulzet, and Michael Hofmann) see the Asymptote Journal website.


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