2014 PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grants Announced

HMHAfter announcing the winners of its big translation prizes last month, the PEN American Center has just announced the names of those selected for PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grants this year. Here’s the list of winning translators and projects:

Kurt Beals for his translation of The Country Road, by Regina Ullmann. (New Directions)

Eric Becker for his translation of Selected Stories by Mozambican Mia Coutu. (Available for publication.)

David Burnett for his translation of American Stories by Johannes Urzidil. (Available for publication)

Paul Hoover, for his translation of Nightmare Running on a Meadow of Absolute Light, by María Baranda. (Available for publication)

Janet Hong for her translation of  Han Yujoo’s The Impossible Fairytale. (Available for publication)

Andrea G. Labinger for her translation of Gesell Dome, by Guillermo Saccomanno. (Available for publication)

Sergei Levchin for Commentaries by Chris Marker. (Available for publication)

J. Bret Maney for his translation of Manhattan Tropics by Guillermo Cotto-Thorner. (Available for publication)

Philip Metres and Dimitri Psurtsev for I Burned at the Feast byArseny Tarkovsky. (Cleveland State Poetry Center)

Sayuri Okamoto for Monster: the Naked Poetry of Gozo Yoshimasu. (Available for publication)

Benjamin Paloff for The Game for Real by Richard Weiner. (Two Lines Press)

Miranda Richmond Mouillot for The Kites, by Romain Gary. (Available for publication)

Zachary Rockwell Ludington for Pixel Flesh (Carne de Pixel) by Agustin Fernandez Mallo. (Available for publication).

Thom Satterlee for New and Selected Poetry of Per Aage Brandt. (Available for publication)

Sholeh Wolpé for The Conference of Birds (Man-tiq ut-tayr) by Farid ud-Din Attar. (Available for publication).

More detail about each of these projects, including excerpts, can be found on the PEN website.

The Advisory Board for the PEN/Heim Translation Fund also nominates projects for New York State Council on the Arts translation grants. The two nominees whose projects are being supported by NYSCA in 2014 are:

Edna McCown, for Shanghai, far from where, by German author Ursula Krechel. (Available for publication)

Yvette Siegert for Diana’s Tree, by Argentine poet Alejandra Pizarnik. (Ugly Duckling Presse)

Congratulations to all this year’s grant recipients! And another lamentably belated thank you to Michael Henry Heim, whose generosity (as well as that of his wife, Priscilla Heim) has made these grants possible for eleven years now. The Man Between, a collection of essays about his life and work, will be published by Open Letter this coming October.

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  1. darya simon says:

    Thank you for this announcement. However you have misspelled Sholeh Wolpe’s name. It is not Shohlleh Volpe it is: Sholeh Wolpe

  2. Thanks for the heads-up; corrected!

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