Occupy Wall Street Translations Go Online

This last week has been a whirlwind of activity. The Occupy Wall Street movement is slowly but surely making its way into the mainstream. The Wall Street Journal reported on it today. I just heard Brian Lehrer on WNYC describe the movement as the “progressive equivalent to the Tea Party.” Bernie Sanders has stated his support. And the absurd arrests of 700 protesters (including a lot of union members) marching across the Brooklyn Bridge in solidarity on Saturday has only brought more national attention to the movement. At the end of last week, the General Assembly issued its first official communiqué, the Declaration of the Occupation (which, as Brian Lehrer said by way of praise, reminded him of the Declaration of Independence). And now the first edition of the Occupation’s newspaper has been published, The Occupied Wall Street Journal. Not surprisingly, the paper copies went like hotcakes. They’re expecting a new shipment in today, so if you want one, better get down there fast. Or, if you’re content to partake online, I’ve uploaded a copy for your reading pleasure.

Over the past several days, the other members of the Translation Working Group of the General Assembly and I have assembled a stalwart crew of translators who are busy translating the Declaration into many different languages; their work is already being posted online on pages linked to the Declaration’s main site. But we still need more translators. We still have no one for Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Hindi. We could use more Russian translators. We could use more translators in all sorts of languages. (Note: we need translators who can translate out of English into other languages at this point, not the other way around.) If you’d like to join us, please e-mail me.

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  1. Was listening to the activities of Occupy Wall Street on BBC yesterday evening. I heard one person describe it as a mishmash of people with no clear goals. I was shocked that people (including those affected by this corporate greed) could still talk against something they should do but won’t. I hope their objectives are carried on.

  2. serapio says:

    Yeeyan contributor ethanhoo has done a translation into Mandarin. http://article.yeeyan.org/view/217710/222102

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