Michael Henry Heim Translation Prize

EEPS_coverThis is the inaugural year of the Michael Henry Heim Translation Prize, founded to honor the great translator and translation activist, and to promote his idea of “collegial translation,” encouraging scholars in a range of social science fields to seek some training in translation, making them able to translate their international colleagues’ work. Of course, professional literary translators are generally equipped to translate work on various topics, but in many fields specialized terminology is used, and a full understanding of crucial contexts and controversies may not be immediately transparent to an outsider, even one who “studies up.” In 2006, Heim co-authored the American Council of Learned Societies’ Guidelines for the Translation of Social Science Texts, now available in several languages, as part of ACLS’s Social Science Translation Project.

The Heim Translation Prize is awarded annually by the journal East European Politics & Societies and Cultures (EEPS) for the best collegial translation of a journal article from an East European language into English. Awardees are selected based on the significance of the original work, the quality of the translation, and the contribution the translation is likely to make to dialogue across scholarly communities. The Prize Committee is composed of the journal’s editors and invited referees (experts in the subject matter, in the art of translation, or both). This year’s prize was just awarded to Jennifer Croft for her translation of Roma Sendyka‘s “Miejsca, które straszą (afekty i nie-miejsca pamięci)” (”Sites That Haunt: Affects and Non-Sites of Memory”). The award comes with a $500 prize and a copy of the 2014 book The Man Between: Michael Henry Heim & A Life In Translation. The winning article will be published in EEPS.

The deadline for next year’s competition is Sept. 1, 2015. Information on submitting a translation can be found here.

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