2018 French-American Foundation Translation Prize Announced

Samuel E. Martin

Ordinarily I prefer not to be so tardy about announcing the awarding of major translation prizes, but there seems to have been no press release for this one, so the news only just reached me. But there is news, namely that this year’s prize was awarded at a ceremony on May 11 to four translators from French, two each in Fiction and Nonfiction.


Paul Eprile’s translation of Melville: A Novel by Jean Giono (New York Review Books)

Howard Curtis’s translation of The Principle by Jérôme Ferrari (Europa Editions)


Samuel E. Martin’s translation of Bark by Georges-Didi Huberman (MIT Press)

Alison L. Strayer’s translation of The Years by Annie Ernaux (Seven Stories Press)

In past years, this award has come with a $10,000 for the winning translator in each category. The French-American Foundation website no longer contains information about the prize sum, but in the absence of other information, I’ll assume it has remained the same, and that each prize was split this year, since two translators were honored in each category.

For more information about the winning books and the prize itself, see the website of the French-American Foundation.

Congratulations to all the translators whose work was honored this year!

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