Apply Now for a 2016 PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grant


Allison Charette won a 2015 grant, photo ©Devon Rowland

Heads-up, translators, this year’s deadline for the receipt of PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grant applications is just over a month away: Nov. 16, 2015. So it’s definitely time to get cracking on those sample translations. I wrote so much about these grants and how to apply for them last year that I’m not going to repeat myself this time around. All you need to know is that these grants are one of the best ways out there for a up-and-coming translator and/or an up-and-coming project to get some attention from potential publishers (along with a little funding). So please read my write-up (including application tips), and the official instructions on the PEN website, and then get your applications in by Nov. 16!

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  1. Reginald says:

    Please kindly help me with guidelines to register with you as a Swahili translator.

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