NEA Announces 2019 Translation Fellowships

I’m sure I’m not the only one who was worried that the National Endowment for the Arts wouldn’t survive the chopping block frenzy in Washington, D.C., but it looks as if they’ve survived to endow another year. And they’ve just announced the new crop of Translation Fellowship recipients. They’re even giving out more money this year than last: $325,ooo, the same amount as in 2017 (the total had sunk to $300,ooo last year). (I’m still knocking on wood though, since NEA grant announcements are always provisional until Congress approves the next year’s budget.) Of this year’s 25 grantees, one (Jennifer Feeley, who’ll be translating a semi-autobiographical multi-genre work by the Hong Kong writer Xi Xi) was selected to receive an award at the $25,000 level; the rest of the grants are $12,500 each.

Here’s the complete list of 2019 awardees:

Kaveh Bassiri
Eric M. B. Becker
Ian Boyden
Sean Gasper Bye
Rachel Careau
Peter Covino
Anna Deeny Morales
Katrina Dodson
Jennifer Feeley
Edward Gauvin
Elizabeth Harris
Stefania Heim
Thomas J. Kitson
Karen Kovacik
Christina E. Kramer
Oksana Maksymchuk
Lynn E. Palermo
Kerri A. Pierce
Kristina Reardon
Lola Rogers
Samah Selim
Antony Shugaar
Lytton Smith
Marcela Sulak
Rose Waldman

Congratulations to all this year’s NEA Translation Fellowship recipients!

For more information on each of these translators and their projects, visit the NEA website.

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