Translation at the 2015 London Book Fair

LBFJuliaSherwoodTwo years ago I visited the London Book Fair for the first time and was chuffed (new vocabulary item!) to see how prominently  translation and translators were featured. I wrote up an account of my experiences here. Since then, I unfortunately haven’t made it back again, but my colleague Julia Sherwood (who translates from Slovak) was in attendance for LBF 2015 and has written up a lively account of her adventures for Asymptote. Among other things, she attended a panel entitled “Bloody aubergine or goddam eggplant?” On more serious topics, there were panels about (the dearth of) women’s books in translation, alternate modes of publishing, what the critics think about (works in) translation, political and cultural pitfalls and more. I highly recommend you check it out on the Asymptote website. (And then if you’re in the mood for a more fanciful account of LBF, ask Katy Derbyshire how her visit to London went.)


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