Apply Now for the 2018 Straelener Übersetzerpreis der Kunststiftung NRW

The Straelener Übersetzerpreis der Kunststiftung NRW (Straelen Translation Prize of the North Rhine-Westphalia Arts Foundation) is actually a pair of prizes for translators from German into a different specific language each year. This year’s language is English, so German-English literary translators (from any country) are invited to submit applications for the 2018 competitions. The Hauptpreis (main prize) goes to a translator with a substantial body of work (it’s a lifetime achievement award as well as a prize for a particular book), while the Förderpreis (advancement prize) is awarded to a translator still in the earlier phases of their career. In either case, the application is to contain, in German, a statement describing the challenges of translating the work in question (“kurze Begründung der Preiswürdigkeit der eingereichten Übersetzung”) along with other materials, including four copies of the book. The deadline for the receipt of all materials is January 10, 2018. You’ll find full details and application instructions on the website of the Europäisches Übersetzer-Kollegium in Straelen, a fantastic translators’ colony on the Dutch border in Germany that you all should know about anyhow. It’s a great place to apply for a residency!

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  1. Abayomi -Habib says:


    I will like you to give me a Translation grant for me to finish my Novel,Collection of short stories and Anthologies of poetry.Can I send it for translation. Thanks

  2. Meyer Schweizer, Ruth says:

    Susan Bernowskis Übersetzungen seit vielen Jahren, zum Beispiel von Robert Walser, dem bedeutenden Schweizer Schriftsteller, sind in grossartiger Weise adäquat im Sprachductus wie in der Schaffung eines narrativen Milieus. Ihre Empathie ist vorbildlich. Sie verdient den Preis ganz besonders.

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