French-American Foundation/Florence Gould Translation Prize – Submit Your Work Now

The yearly Translation Prize jointly awarded by the French-American Foundation and the Florence Gould Foundation is one of the most respected prizes for French prose fiction – it comes with a $10,000 purse and a list of previous recipients that reads like a French translation Who’s Who: Richard Howard, Lydia Davis, David Bellos, Alyson Waters, John Cullen, Sandra Smith, Jordan Stump, Linda Coverdale, Linda Asher, etc. etc. Who wouldn’t want to join that pantheon? And applying is fairly straightforward: If you translated a qualifying book (one translated for the first time) that was published in the United States in 2013, you or your publisher can just pick three excerpts from the book and submit them online. But you’ll have to hurry: applications are being accepted through Jan. 15, 2014, and that’s next Wednesday already, so you’d best get on it tout de suite! For details, see the website of the French-American Foundation.

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