Translation Events at AWP 2017

In the past I’ve sat down and combed through the AWP Conference schedule to find all the translation events, but since ALTA (American Literary Translators Association) is now doing this labor, let me just link to

***ALTA’s Helpful List of Translation Events***

at the 2017 AWP conference this week in Washington D.C. There are over 40 events on the list, which makes me so happy – this means that literary translation has really established itself as any area of interest for AWP conference-goers. I’ll be participating in two of these events myself (both on Saturday), and will surely be sitting in the audience for others, so do say hello! And if you’ll be visiting AWP’s cornucopia-like book fair, why not play ALTA Bookfair Bingo? If you’re diligent and also lucky, you can take home a stack of 13 hot-off-the-presses translated books lovingly selected for inclusion in this jackpot by their publishers – and there are four jackpots up for grabs his year, awarded for bingo prowess on Thursday, Friday noon, Friday afternoon, and Saturday. For instructions, see the Bookstore Bingo page of the ALTA blog. Travel safe to D.C., everyone. And keep in mind that while some of the current residents of this city are dangerous and unsavory, only 4.1% of D.C. denizens voted for them, so you’ll mostly be among friends.

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