Translation on Tap in NYC Mar. 25 – April 2

Here’s what’s coming your way in NYC’s translation world for the next week and a half:
• Tuesday, March 25
The wonderful Bridge Series is celebrating its third anniversary with a trio of translators from the Catalan: Peter Bush,  Mary Ann Newman and Rowan Ricardo Phillips. The program sounds fantastic. Peter Bush, former director of the British Centre for Literary Translation, will be visiting from London; Mary Ann Newman directs the Farragut Fund for Catalan and just published the sweetest book of animal poems based on Barcelona landmarks; and Rowan Ricardo Phillips has been reaping substantial accolades for his first book of poems and recently also published a translation of the classic Catalan collection Ariadne in the Grotesque Labyrinth. More information here. This Bridge will be held at its usual location: McNally Jackson Books, 52 Prince St., 7:00 p.m. Free.

• Wednesday, March 26
Word for Word! Young writer/translators from the MFA writing programs at Columbia University and the University of Leipzig have paired up to translate each others’ work collaboratively, and now they’re presenting the fruits of their labors to the public in a reading and reception. With Nika Knight translating/being translated by Lilian Peter, and Arthur Seefahrt t/btb Daniel Schmidt. With an introduction by Translationista and some stories about the travails of translating and being translated for the very first time. More information here. 501 Dodge Hall on the Columbia campus (enter campus at Broadway and W. 116th St., see map), 7:00 p.m.

• Thursday, March 27
If you missed Rowan Ricardo Phillips on Tuesday, you can catch him two days later: The Americas Society is hosting a reading at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute by writers and translators published by Dalkey Archive Press: Mexican author Alvaro Enrigue, author of Hypothermia; Spanish writer Eduardo Lago, author of Call Me Brooklyn; and translators Alejandro Branger and Rowan Ricardo Phillips. All readings in English. Queen Sofia Spanish Institute, 684 Park Ave at 68th St., 7:00 p.m. Non-members will be charged $10.00 admission.

Johann Fischart (c. 1545 – 1591)
• Wednesday, April 2
For those who speak French well enough to follow a lecture in that language, the Barnard Center for Translation Studies is hosting a talk by Elsa Kammerer of Université Lille III about one of the most fascinating translations I’ve ever encountered, Johann Fischart’s 16th century German translation (Geschichtsklitterung) of Rabelais’ monumental and hilariously scatological Gargantua. I learned the hard way how much original writing Fischart added to Rabelais’s tale when I was translating Ludwig Harig’s novel The Trip to Bordeaux, which borrows generously from Fischart’s work. How pleased I was when I recognized the source of the quotes, reasoning that it would be simple enough to locate the quotations in Fischart and then find the corresponding passages in Thomas Urquhart’s 17th century translation of Rabelais, which is itself plenty colorful. How disappointed I was when it turned out that every last line Harig quoted was original to Fischart, with no corresponding text in Rabelais’s French. It’ll be really interesting to learn more about Fischart and his antics. More information here. Ella Weed Room on the 2nd floor of Milbank Hall, Barnard College, 6:30 p.m. Free.

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