New Global Humanities Translation Prize Announced

Carl Ernst

The Global Humanities Initiative at Northwestern University and Northwestern University Press have teamed up to create the Global Humanities Translation Prize, intended to foster international dialogue and awareness in the English-speaking world of “Underrepresented and experimental literary voices from marginalized communities, humanistic scholarship in infrequently translated languages, and important classical texts in non-Western traditions and languages.” In its inaugural year, as has just been announced, the $5000 prize will be split between two projects, both of which will be published by Northwestern University Press. The 2016 recipients are:

  • Jason Grunebaum and Ulrike Stark for a translation of Manzoor Ahtesham’s The Tale of the Missing Man from modern Hindi
  • Carl Ernst for an annotated translation of the classical Arabic poems of Persian mystic Mansur al-Hallaj

Congratulations to these translators!

For its second annual competition, the Global Humanities Translation Prize will release a call for applications early this summer, with an August 1 deadline. I’ll post the information as it comes my way.

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