London Book Fair/Publishers Weekly Literary Translation Initiative Award Announced

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.14.45 PMTranslation is alive and well at the London Book Fair, as I saw with my own eyes when I visited a few years ago. Lots of translators, lots of translation events, and even a Literary Translators’ Centre where weary translators can come to rest for a minute and chat with each other and their editors between events. And for the last few years, the London Book Fair together with Publishers Weekly have been giving out a Literary Translation Initiative Award to honor an organization that has contributed substantially to the international conversation around translation. Like all the LBF’s International Excellence Awards, this prize goes to a recipient located outside the U.K. This year’s recipient of the Literary Translation Initiative Award is the incredible online journal Words Without Borders that has pioneered making literature in translation available online in an attractive and easily accessible format since 2003. Founded by Alane Salierno Mason, Dedi Felman, and Samantha Schnee, WWoB quickly grew into a vibrant publication with many facets and contributors under the stewardship of Editorial Director Susan Harris and Executive Director Karen Phillips leading a great team.

Last year, the award went to the online translation journal Asymptote, and before that, to the Best Translated Book Award. I’m very happy to see all these fine organizations honored.

Congratulations, Words Without Borders!

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