Who Wants To Be on an MLA Panel in 2015?

The PEN Translation Committee has been talking for a while now about sponsoring yearly panels at the Modern Language Association Convention, and 2015 is going to be the first year of it. Who wants to be on the panel? Call for papers below. You have only three days to respond, so don’t delay!

Translation and Memory 
We are currently accepting proposals for a panel on translation and memory organized by the Translation Committee of the PEN American Center. The 2015 Presidential theme, “Negotiating Sites of Memory,” invites us to posit translation as both a repository of and a vehicle for the transmission of memory across cultures. Possible approaches include: translation as a means of preserving cultural artifacts, translation and the construction/deconstruction of cultural myths, and translation and the development of alternative canons. Please send proposals of up to 250 words to Heather Cleary by Tuesday, March 25.

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