The Apartment in Bab el-Louk

Bragging rights are complicated. Do I get to brag if someone brings a project to my translation workshop, works on it there and then gets it published? I didn’t do the work, she did; all I did was prod at the work at certain points to indicate where I thought things could be tightened up, or loosened up, or whatever. All her workshop-mates did the same. And the credit should properly go to her. In any case, it’s the first graphic work to come through my workshop, and I really like it, so here it is, in Words Without Borders. “It” in this case being “The Apartment in Bab el-Louk” by Egyptian writer Donia Maher, with art by Ganzeer, translated by Elisabeth Jaquette, whom I think we haven’t heard the last of.

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  1. Yes, bragging rights are now really just saying “I’m here, hello! I did this.” Because the bragging’s on masque face, twitter, bitter, and baby sitter and on cv, meticulously noted, etc. America has changed
    But I am so grateful to Columbia for / col/pen / for a mega prize to translate UKRAINIAN poetry in the 70/s and for Max Hayward prize for my trans of Pasternak’s My Sister Life.

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