Happy International Translation Day 2018!

Saint Jerome in His Study (follower of Marinus van Reymerswael)

Translators have celebrated International Translation Day on September 30 for decades now, but as of last year, it’s an official international holiday, thanks to the United Nations, which adopted a resolution recognizing the holiday on May 24, 2017. The resolution, signed and presented by Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Paraguay, Qatar, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Viet Nam, proposed the UN recognize the “role of professional translation in connecting nations and fostering peace, understanding and development.” Obviously it’s not just literary translation that’s meant here, but we translators of books – like St. Jerome, legendary translator of the Bible, whose name day this is – certainly play an important role in international understanding by making the literature of different countries mutually legible. So raise a glass today to a translator whose work has brought you knowledge and pleasure. Cheers!

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  1. J. E. Becker says:

    I am a self-published author who has several books of interest to Christians for edification in Bible teaching. My book: Blatant Christianity – Living by the Sermon on the Mount was reviewed by a partnership publisher after seeing it at the World Book Trade Show in Mexico and wanted to list it on a list of books available for translating into other languages. How can I list my books on this list? I just published my final book on the book of Revelation in the Bible, which makes the book understandable to everyone. It needs to be available to the Church of the whole world. I alone hold the copyright and can grant the licence

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