Apply Now for 2016 Gutekunst Prize

15038196-STANDARDNow that a new year has gotten underway, it’s time for another round of Gutekunst for young translators from the German (“young” here being defined as under 35 and unpublished in book form) to try their hands at a short text that has been lovingly selected for them by the folks at the Goethe Institut. This prize is unique in that everyone who applies for it translates the same exact text. The skillful winner will receive a $2500 prize, plus lots of glory. The deadline is March 18, 2015, which means you can either wait until March 11 to start translating and do a lousy job on it, or get a head’s start now and have a thoroughly revised translation all typed up and ready to go well before the deadline rolls around. Which path do you think Translationista is advocating? To start the application process and receive a copy of this year’s text, write to Walter Schlect at the Goethe Institut. You’ll find all the rules and info here. On your marks, get set, translate!

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