2015 ALTA Prizes Announced

NewWawGreetings from Tucson, of which I have seen, so far, only the airport, the highway, and the American Literary Translators Association conference hotel, but I wanted to lose no time in letting you know the winners of the four ALTA prizes that were announced this evening at the  conference – which, by the way, has record attendance this year: there were at least 350 people there in the hotel ballroom when the awards were given out, creating an excellent standing-room-only effect. It went well with the seasonal treat of pumpkin-stuffed tacos (quite tasty, in fact).

All right, enough shilly-shallying. Here’s who won prizes this year:

The Lucien Stryk Prize for translation from an Asian language went to Eleanor Goodman for her translation of Something Crosses My Mind by Wang Xiaoni (Chinese), published by Zephyr Press.

The Italian Prose in Translation Award went to Anne Milano Appel for her translation of Blindly by Claudio Magris, published first by Penguin Canada and then by Yale University Press.

A total of 120 titles were submitted for the two National Translation Awards this year. The winners who beat the odds were:

In Prose: William M. Hutchins for his translation of The New Waw: Saharan Oasis by Ibrahim al-Koni (Arabic), published by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

In Poetry: Pierre Joris for his translation of Breathturn into Timestead: The Collected Later Poetry by Paul Celan (German), published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux.

Congratulations to all this year’s winning translators!

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