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Introducing The Queer Translation Collective

At the American Literary Translators Association conference this past October, I attended an excellent panel entitled Re-Queering Translation that included several participants from the University of Oregon which, as chance would have it, is officially launching its Oregon Center for Translation Studies today. If you’re in or near Eugene, check it out! One of the presentations on this panel was the reading of a manifesto written by U. of Oregon graduate student Jon D. Jaramillo. This manifesto, “Queer(ing) Translation,” pushes back against translation practices that serve to codify and enforce heteronormative cisgender modes, calling instead for playful, inventive explorations into alternative translation practices that better support and represent a wider range of identities. Here’s the manifesto’s opening gambit: Read More →

2017 Modern Language Association Translation Prizes Awarded

The Modern Language Association Convention, held this past long-weekend in New York, included the presentation of the MLA’s three translation prizes. Although the convention is now held in January, it used to be held in December, which is why this year’s prizes are dated 2017 (awarded for works published in 2016) rather than 2018. Each of these three now annual (formerly biennial) prizes comes with a cash award. Read More →


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