NEA Announces 2017 Translation Fellowships

translationimage1There are grounds for celebration in Translationland this year, because the funds made available to the NEA to distribute in the form of translation fellowships has increased: $325,000 in grants were announced this week (up from $275,000 last year), going to 23 translators (up from 20). I would like to suggest that this is an excellent use of your tax dollars and guaranteed to produce no civilian casualties. Three translators this year (Dan Golembeski, J. Kates, and current ALTA President Russell Valentino) were singled out for grants at the $25,000 level (up from two last year), and the rest of the grants are for a still-far-from-shabby $12,500.

Here’s the list of the 2017 grantees. More information about these translators and their projects can be found on the NEA website.

  • Andrés Alfaro
  • Ned Balbo
  • Steven Bradbury
  • Kaiama L. Glover
  • Dan Golembeski
  • Anne Janusch
  • J. Kates
  • David Keplinger
  • Roman Kostovski
  • Melanie A. Magidow
  • Jamie Olson
  • Victor Pambuccian
  • Emma Ramadan
  • Amy Baram Reid
  • Philip Roughton
  • Robert S. Rudder
  • Thom Satterlee
  • Damion Searls
  • David Shook
  • Barbara Sjoholm
  • Sarah Thomas
  • Russell Valentino
  • Katherine E. Young

Congratulations to all this year’s grant recipients!

The application deadline for the next round of fellowships is Dec. 6, 2016. You’ll find guidelines and more details on the Translation Fellowships page of the NEA website.

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