Magazines That Publish Translations

stonecutter4I often get asked by younger translators where they should try sending their work. It’s a good question. My answer often winds up sounding a bit schoolmarmish, since I believe that translators – like writers of other sorts – should actually read the journals they want to send their work to. If you have no idea where to send your work, it might mean you never read any journals that publish translations. So a good list of magazines that publish translations ideally serves two functions: first (and most importantly) it lets you know what journals you might enjoy reading if you like reading literature from around the world. Second (if you’re a translator) it lets you know where you might try submitting your work if you’ve just translated something great that you think others would enjoy as well. And the new and improved PEN Translation Committee has just updated the list of “Journals Seeking Work in Translation” on the PEN website, and I recommend you check it out. Mind you, this isn’t a complete list of all the magazines that publish translated work, just the ones that are actively seeking submissions. Every good literary magazine worth its salt publishes translations alongside writing in English. But a work in translation that you cold-submit to Harpers or The New Yorker is pretty likely to wind up on the slush pile in pretty short order, whereas the magazines actively looking for great translations to publish are more likely to greet your submission with little cries of delight. And that, after all, is what you’re after. So do have a look at the list of translation-loving journals on the PEN website, and while you’re there, how about subscribing to one or two of them?

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