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So I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a translation blog for some time now. The main reason I haven’t done so before now is that I am already so overloaded with other projects that I’m just not sure I can find the time to keep it up. Even my beloved Berlin Blog that I have been writing for a while now has been languishing recently. In other words, Translationista is likely to be one of the world’s most minimal blogs. And besides, there are various other quite excellent translation-oriented blogs out there. In particular, I’m a fan of Chad Post’s Three Percent, and for aficionados of German literature, Katy Derbyshire’s Love German Books, which does tend to include a fair number of translation-related posts. But one is run by a publisher rather than a translator; and one is focussed on the German/British scene rather than the North American universe – so maybe there’s room for one more?

Here goes: I’m launching this little blog into the world. Let’s see where it wanders.

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